It is a kind of fruit that grows in temperate climates, which are composed of hundreds of particles forming small cores and fruit bodies within the family Lythraceae (Lythraceae), slightly sour and sometimes sweet. The leaves are red, unspoiled and fleshy. Fruits are spherical and orange in size, green in predominance, reddish in maturity, crustacean, multi-seeded and fleshy. The edible part of the fruit is the seeds which are fleshy and abundant. There are about 600 seeds in a pomegranate juice. The colors of the seeds have different color tones from white to dark red.

Season Calendar

  • September
  • Octobe
  • November
  • December
  • January
  • February
  • March

Vitamin & Mineral Values

  • Vitamin C: %50
  • Vitamin K: %50
  • Vitamin B: %25


Category: Meyveler